Latest News And Information

Check out our Facebook page at for all of the latest news, information, events, and photos.  Our Facebook page has all of our photos and events in addition to the latest information and news.

Major Projects And Initiatives

Our Post is involved with a few major projects/initiatives which are highlighted and explained here..  We are involved with many minor projects, initiatives, and events.  All of the minor projects and events can be found on the Events page or on our Facebook page. 

Color Guard And Firing Detail

We have an active Color Guard.  We have presented the Flag at Special Olympics events, nursing homes, and local housing complexes and associations.

We also have a Firing Detail.  We perform the Firing Detail duties at the Missing in America Project interments at Calverton National Cemetery.  Our Firing Detail is available for any community function or event. 

Flag Etiquette Classes and Vets in the Classroom project

We have started a new Flag Etiquette class that was being presented to all the 7th and 8th grade students at both South Ocean Middle School and Saxton Middle School.  This is a yearly event that will be given to the 7th grade class. 

We also do a Vets in the Classroom at both South Ocean Middle School and Saxton Middle School.  This is also a yearly program.

Emblem Replacement

As you can see from the picture below, the Emblem on the front of the building has deteriorated to the point where it can not be restored.  An up close inspection shows that a lot of the paint is pealing and flaking off.  We worked with J-Signs, a local Patchogue business, to have a new Emblem made.  The old one was taken down and we finished cleaning and painting the balcony.  J-Sign then came back and put up our new Emblem!  It really looks sharp and makes the building stand out.  J-Signs did a great job making our new Emblem!

M1902 3" Field Guns - Restoration

The two M1902 3" Field Guns outside the building have deteriorated to the point that they need a complete restoration.  This is obviously a very expensive project.  We are working in partnership with the Village of Patchogue to obtain funding.  We have selected a restoration company, Cannons Online, which is located in Maryland.  We will be working with the Village to see what grants and funding we can obtain.  Below, you can see two pictures of the current cannons, and a picture of one that Cannons Online recently restored.  According to Wikipedia, there are only about 37 or 38 of these Field Guns still in existence.  These cannons first arrived in Patchogue in March of 1922 and have been located in the Veterans Memorial Park ever since.  They are important pieces of the history of Patchogue and are valuable assets to our community.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article about these weapons:

Here is a link to the YouTube video when Commander Ralph was speaking with the Board of Trustees of the Village of Patchogue about the cannons:

Here is the link to the full presentation and discussion/approval for the Cannon Restoration Project at the Village of Patchogue Board Meeting:

We were able to raise $9,000 that we presented to the Village of Patchogue.  We were also able to get $5,000 from Suffolk County that will be used for the GAR Statue restoration.

Here is a pdf that we have put together about the history of the two M1902 Field Guns.  It gives the history of how they ended up in the Harry T. Hanson Veterans Memorial Park.

Flag Rewards Program

Our Post participates in the Flag Rewards Program on and also via Emblem Sales at  When you purchase an American flag via the American Legion and specify that you wish to sponsor New York Post 269, ten percent of the cost of the flag will be credited to our Post account at Emblem Sales.  The Post can then use that credit when we buy supplies at Emblem Sales.  If you already have an account set up at Emblem Sales, please update your profile and specify that you are sponsoring New York Post 269.


To order by phone: Call Toll-Free 1-888-453-4466.

To order via Fax:  1-317-630-1381.

To order by mail:  American Legion Flag & Emblem, P.O. Box 36460, Indianapolis IN  46236-0460

Don't forget to sponsor New York Post 269 so that we can use the credits to help support our Veterans and the community.


Stair Lifts for Accessibility

Many of the older members are finding it very difficult to manage the stairs at the Post, both to the Meeting Room and down to our Dugout Social Area.  In order to enhance access and encourage members to attend meetings and join us for social gatherings, we need to make modifications to the Post.  We will be working to identify and install chair lifts to make that access available. 


Patriot Mobility donated and installed two chair lifts, one going down to the Dugout and the second on the stairs from the main hall to the first landing going up to the meeting room.  A final chair lift was donated by Fran Segur and installed by Patriot Mobility.  The entire Post is now accessible to members who have difficulty navigating stairs via these three chair lifts.


Veterans Monument And Memorial Identification

We have started a committee headed by Harry Jantz to identify and document all of the veteran Monuments and Memorials around Patchogue.  We will be sending this information to both the Department and placing it on the National site at  The full list of monuments and memorials can be found on the Veteran Memorials page.


G.A.R. Statue Restoration

We are assisting several people in the process for re-starting the local G.A.R. Post and doing the restoration work that is needed for the G.A.R. Statue outside the Legion hall.


Important Projects Completed

The 2019-2020 term has focused on the renovations required to our building.

Civic Responsibility

     Color Guard operating.

     Firing Detail provided to Missing in America Project interments at Calverton.

     Vets in the Classroom program at both South Ocean and Saxton Middle Schools.

     Flag Etiquette class at South Ocean and Saxton Middle Schools cancelled due to COVID-19.

Post Responsibility

     Renovations to the Post have been done.

     All new flooring in the Main Hall and the Dugout.

     All new kitchen.

     New heating system including all new baseboard heating units and boiler.

     Complete renovation of the Dugout including a new bathroom.

The 2018-2019 term focused on our 100 Year Celebration.  

Civic Responsibility

     Color Guard operating.

     Firing Detail provided to Missing in America Project interments at Calverton.

     Vets in the Classroom program expanded to include Saxton Middle School.

     Flag Etiquette class at South Ocean Middle School expanded to include Saxton Middle School.

     Renovations to the Post for our 100 Year Ceremony.

     Rededication Ceremony for our 100 Year Anniversary.

Post Responsibility

     Renovations to the Post have been started.

During the 2017-2018 term, we focused on completing some of the major projects and getting other programs started.

Civic Responsibility

     Cannon Restoration completed.

     Color Guard formed and operating.

     Vets in the Classroom program started.

     Started a Flag Etiquette class at South Ocean Middle School.

     More involvement with the community (Blue Ridge Condos and Meadowbrook Pointe).

     Veteran Monument Identification completed.

     Dwyer Project continuation.

     Assisting with the G.A.R. Statue restoration.

Post Responsibility

     Set up online access for all Post accounts.

     Stair Lift Accessibility started.

     Completed documentation on Rules, Regulations, and Procedures for the Post.

     Constitution and By-Laws approved by County and Department.

     Expanded the CCTV Security system.

     Replaced the central air conditioning system and thermostats.

     Started utilizing secure Video Conferencing for Post Membership meetings,

We completed several other important projects during the 2016-2017 term.

Obtained a new 10 year lease on the property with the Village.  This lease has an automatic 10 year renewal clause.  The Legion owns the building, but the land is part of the Harry T. Hanson Veterans Memorial Park and is leased from the Village.

Completed work with the U.S. Army TACOM command to bring us back into compliance with our ceremonial rifles.

Completed a very successful Fundraiser.

Joined the Chamber of Commerce to become more active in the community.

Installed a CCTV security system.

Obtained Alarm Permit from Suffolk County Police Department.

We are continuing our work with the Joseph P. Dwyer Veteran Peer Support group.

We are continuing our outreach to the community.  Blue Ridge Homeowners is a prime example.

The American Legion was chartered and incorporated by Congress in 1919 as a patriotic veterans organization devoted to mutual helpfulness. It is the nation’s largest veterans service organization, committed to mentoring and sponsorship of youth programs in our communities, advocating patriotism and honor, promoting a strong national security, and continued devotion to our fellow service members and veterans.

Phone: 631-475-3822